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Tribblix is not a derivative or clone of any other distribution. It stands apart and has a distinct character of its own. The following are characteristic features of Tribblix:

These philosophies directly lead to the rejection of IPS packaging - it is complex, brittle, has significant dependencies, is rigid and inflexible, is slow, and has significant resource requirements.

As you may gather, Tribblix is opinionated. It will, however, give you as much freedom as you need if you wish to use the system in other ways.

Tribblix is also the most universal and flexible illumos distribution. It runs on both SPARC and x86 hardware; retained 32-bit hardware support longer than other distributions; runs on desktops and servers; small configurations as well as large. It supports installation from media, from the network, on hardware and in the cloud.

Tribblix also has opinions on the software that is included in the distribution:

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