Tribblix is an open source operating system created by Peter Tribble. Based on illumos, it blends a retro style with modern components.

NEWS: April 1st 2024: Milestone 34 available.This is a functional release. (updates). Vanilla Tribblix and LX (aka "omnitribblix") variants for x86 are now available. (X86 Release Notes.)

NEWS: February 9th 2024: Updated AWS images with more stable networking on Nitro instances.

NEWS: April 23rd 2024: Milestone 30 ISO available for SPARC. (download - SPARC Release Notes.)

Important: 32-bit support.

While the SPARC version still suffers from lack of testing and has spotty hardware support, the x86 version is pretty solid. You can download the image, install to a hard drive, and use it.

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