> Keeping Up to Date

Software is never static, and updated releases - whether to fix bugs, address security issues, or add features - appear in a seemingly never-ending stream.

Software in Tribblix is generally split into two parts - the underlying operating system (illumos), and the applications that you run on top of that. To update the underlying operating system, see the next section. To learn about application updates, read on.

All software updates and Tribblix upgrades need to be done as root.

The first part of the update process is to issue the following command:

zap refresh

This will not update any software, but will download newer versions of the software catalog. You can then see if any software updates are available:

zap verify-overlay -a

To update the components of one specific overlay to their current versions:

zap update-overlay overlay_name

To update the components of all installed overlays to their current versions:

zap update-overlay -a

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