> Tribblix and Removable Media

Removable media - specifically CD-ROMs and USB sticks - can be automatically mounted on Tribblix.

To enable automatic mounting, you need to install rmvolmgr:

zap install-overlay dbus-glib
zap install TRIBsvc-hal TRIBsvc-storage-media-volmgr
svcadm enable hal

and then enable it

svcadm enable rmvolmgr

(If you're running a desktop that includes the x11 overlay, then the packages will already be installed and the service simply needs to be enabled.)

With the rmvolmgr service running, the system will automatically mount any filesystem it recognises on the removable media under the /media directory, for example:

# ls /media

To remove the media once you've finished with it, first make sure that no processes are currently accessing the media (including any interactive shells that may have cd'ed into the filesystem) and then eject it by using the name of the mounted filesystem:

eject /media/NIKON\ D3200

Alternatively, running eject -l will print a list of removable media devices and their nicknames that can also be used as the argument to the eject command.

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