> Managing Installed Software

As with many distributions, the software available on Tribblix comes as a set of packages. Each package is a discrete piece of software, which may be a single application, or a tool, library, documentation, or supporting files.

Tribblix does not encourage thinking in terms of individual packages. Rather, groups of packages called overlays provide a useful and complete level of functionality. It is much easier to track a small number of overlays than hundreds or thousand of individual packages.

To see which overlays are available, and whether they are installed or not, use the zap command to query the list of overlays:

zap list-overlays

Installation, removal, and updates of packages and overlays requires you to be running as root.

New or updated overlays or software packages can be retrieved from repositories available on the internet. To make your system aware of new or updated software, you need to refresh the catalogs with:

zap refresh

To install an overlay:

zap install-overlay overlay_name

To remove an overlay:

zap uninstall-overlay overlay_name

To update the components of an overlay to their current versions:

zap update-overlay overlay_name

To update the components of all installed overlays to their current versions:

zap update-overlay -a

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