> LX zones

To run LX zones, you need to be running omnitribblix, not vanilla Tribblix. If you're not sure, run the uname -v command - omnitribblix will end in lx.

A wide range of Linux distributions are supported. The simplest way is to get Tribblix to download an image for you. For example:

zap create-zone -t lx -z fedora \
  -x  \
  -I proxmox:fedora


zap create-zone -t lx -z ubuntu \
  -x  \
  -I ubuntu:22.04

In the above, you can download images from a couple of sources - proxmox and ubuntu. With proxmox, add the name of the distribution you want, optionally with the version attached. With ubuntu, add the version as YY.MM, although the code names are also accepted.

As an alternative, you can simply supply a tarball of a Linux instance (or an export of a docker image, although it needs to be a full image with init present).

zap create-zone -t lx -z myserver \
  -x  \
  -I /var/tmp/my-linux-server.tar.gz


If the ssh server doesn't start, for example on Ubuntu, you may need to force regeneration of the host keys"

dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server

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