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Audio Devices

If your system has multiple audio devices, then they will be numbered 0, 1, etc. The default will be 0, but that might be wrong. To test this, you can simply cat an audio file at the devices to see which one works, for example

cat /usr/demo/SOUND/sounds/train.au > /dev/sound/1

To fix audio output for most applications that have no way of selecting the audio device, simply replace /dev/audio, /dev/audioctl, and /dev/dsp with symbolic links that point to the working device.

To get GStreamer, and applications using GStreamer for audio output, to use the non-default audio device, set the environment variable AUDIODEV to the working dsp device, eg /dev/dsp1.


If you see warnings or errors about GStreamer being unable to load its plugins, delete the registry file(s) in $HOME/.cache/gstreamer-1.0.


The Sakura terminal is probably the best all-round terminal. To change settings, start up one copy, right-click to get into the settings menu. Once you have it the way you want, close that instance of Sakura to save the settings.


You can add the Whisker Menu by right-click on a panel, got to Panel, Add New Items.

The background wallpaper is under Desktop Settings. (Just right-click on the background.)

If you want transparency, and you're lucky enough that your combination of graphics card and Tribblix manages to support it, go to Window Manager Tweaks and it's under the right-most tab, Compositor.

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