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The live environment is a little sparse, by design. I recommend that for a reasonable starting point you install the overlays develop xfce and possibly xfce-extras, or just install the kitchen-sink. You can add additional software overlays using zap.

Log in as jack, and you can get a very ancient desktop (twm) using startx.

To get Xfce, run startxfce4. (If you create a new account, you may find that you have trouble saving Xfce settings; if that's the case simply copy the .config directory from /jack and this should set everything up.)

For other desktops, there's a setxsession command that allows you to choose which desktop to run. Without arguments, it will just list which desktop environments/window managers it knows about, and whether they're installed. Just choose one, for example:

setxsession wmaker

and then run startx to get it running.