> Zone updates and upgrades

There are a number of considerations to be aware of when it comes to the way that zones interact with updates and upgrades.


If you apply updates to the software in the global zone, this has no effect whatsoever on the majority of types of zones. Only sparse-root zones are affected, and they will see the updated software (or most of it) but not any packaging metadata.

For sparse-root zones, you cannot apply updates within the zone. That's the whole point, the operating system is read-only in such a zone.

For bhyve zones, manage the guest in the normal way for whatever operating system you're running in the guest. (The zone itself is a special type of sparse-root zone that you should leave alone.)

For other types of zones, apply any updates within the zone as normal.


When you upgrade Tribblix, the upgrade doesn't touch zones. However, some types of zones are tied to the version running in the global zone, which is a problem.

Any LX, alien, or S10 zones don't need to be touched; they will be retained through the upgrade and should function as normal afterwards.

Other types of zone will be disabled by the upgrade process. This is for safety as they won't work correctly if at all otherwise. The best approach is to destroy the zones before the system upgrade and recreate them afterwards.

(This isn't terribly satisfactory but needs a bit more engineering work to fix properly.)

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